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Didimtu Water Expansion Project
Rotary Club of Westlock
Avenue of Service: International Service Area of Focus: Water and Sanitation
Country: Ethiopia City/Region: Didimtu Kebele,Oromia Region
Project Description
A water reservoir with the capacity of 50m3 is already built and will supply drinking water to the remaining five sub-Kebeles within Didimtu with a 7 km extention of pipes and construction of 2 new water points, one stand tap and 2 cattle troughs bringing water to 2500 people.
Project Partners and Funding
Total Project Budget: $71,000.00
Partner Type Amount
Total Funding: $0
Project Results
This project has extended the existing water supply network to 5 sub Kebeles in this region, to provide a clean, reliable water source of water for more than 5000 people who previously brought their water from a polluted source at least 7 km distant. The distance from the water source of the outlying subkebeles of Hadecha, Halelu and Haroeti required the installation of a pump and a generator to take the water over the distance. The residents of all 5 sub-kebeles including Garaganti and Dirrerabi now have pure, clean and readily accessible water. There has been a Water Management Committee established and trained to oversee the water use, collect fees, keep records, maintain and secure the system, to manage distribution, maintenance and repairs. Also, community members have been trained in conservation, management, stainability and sanitation procedures. There are water points within 5 to 10 minutes of the residents of all 5 sub kebeles. There will be water for animals as well. There is also a stand pipe at the newly constructed Didimtu#1 Primary School.
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