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Adopt a School Bendicion de Dios, Guatemala
Rotary Club of Jasper
Avenue of Service: International Service Area of Focus: Basic Education and Literacy
Country: Guatemala City/Region: San Juan Alotenango, Sacatepequez
Project Description
This is the seventh year of the project with project lead, Donnelly Hart, a resident of Jasper, Alberta, Canada returning to Guatemala to do volunteer work in the town of Alotenango, in partnership with Asociacion Bendicion de Dios. The Asociacion is a a school with just under 400 students, offering education for kindergarten to Grade Six, with children ranging in age from 5 years old to 15 years old. The students either attend classes in the morning or the afternoon. Some of the students are attending secondary public school, but return to Bendicion when not in class to receive extra help, and to volunteer at the project. Bendicion offers this education to families who are too poor to send their children to the public school. They provide the students with a snack, which in some cases may be the student’s main meal. They also offer support to the families as a whole by way of helping with food hampers, water filters, smoke-less stoves, and family counseling. They work with other organizations to help build better housing for their families. Asociacion Benedicion de Dios website at www.bendiciondedios.org. The project helped families break the cycle of poverty and ignorance by offering and enhanced and on-going cooking and sewing program offered through Asociacion Bendicion de Dios School, a third-party, non-profit organization in Alotenango, to approximately 400 students and their families to improve the living condition of the poor families by providing sewing and cooking equipment and skills enhancement to students and adults, skills necessary for improved nutrition, clothing and economic opportunities.
Project Partners and Funding
Total Project Budget: $5,000.00
Partner Type Amount
Rotary Club of Jasper Rotary Club $3,000.00
Donnelly Hart Other Charity or NGO $5,000.00
Canada Government $3,000.00
Total Funding: $11,000
Project Results
During the 2014 project and in partnership with Asociacion Bendicion de Dios, • cooking and sewing supplies were purchased to support the educational development of four (4) cooking and sewing teachers, who then provided instruction to more than 50 students and their parents as part of the sewing and cooking courses; • provided funds for improvements to the grounds and classrooms of a new school location and rental property, as the Asociacion Bendicion de Dios School had to relocate because it did not own the land upon which the school in past years, had been located, • purchased water storage containers for the new school location to ensure access by students, teaching staff and families to potable water for the school; • provided funds for the purchase of daily snacks for approximately 400 students; and • contribute to the monthly and Christmas food hampers given to poor families that have children attending the school. The project delivery in 2013 took place during the entire Guatemala school year (September, 2012 – June, 2013), although the efforts of the project volunteer from Jasper (Donnelly Hart) took place between January 15 – March 30, 2013. Rotary Club of Guatemala Vista Hermosa (District 4250) provided financial support, visited the project site prior to the commencement of this year’s project activities to discuss the project with the Asociacion Bendicion de Dios, as well as to check on project progress. The international chair of the Rotary Club of Jasper (Libby Weir) also met with the incoming President of RC Guatemala Vista Hermosa in March 2013 during their District Conference to discuss the merits of the project and feasibility of continued support by both Clubs into the future.
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