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Dangriga Roteract Club Bag Drive
Rotary Club of Jasper
Avenue of Service: International Service Area of Focus: Basic Education and Literacy
Country: Belize City/Region: Stann Creek and Toledo Districts
Project Description
The newly activated Rotaract Club of Dangriga has been active in the community since October of 2012, having done numerous community services and events throughout Dangriga. The Club has been engaged in various activities such as; a Halloween trick-or-treat for kids and a Fashion show/dance to contribute to a local community teacher with the burial and medical debts of his daughter among many others. In May and June, 2013 and the Dangriga Rotaract Club executed a bag drive, obtaining permission from all the principals at the high school level in the Stann Creek and Toledo Districts of Belize to collect school bags not wanted by the students in good condition to give back to those less fortunate. The Club was also planning to have a summer program for the students of first and second form which is 9th and 10th Grade to assist them in developing their mathematical, English, reading and trade skills and also preparing them to be high school ready and to perform up to par. Both of these community services required school supplies such as; pens, pencils, books, paper, teaching materials, writing materials, chalk, dusters, blackboard as well as others. This project has been replicated in 2014-15, with bag drive and school supplies being distributed in August and September, 2015.
Project Partners and Funding
Total Project Budget: $2,500.00
Partner Type Amount
Rotary Club of Jasper Rotary Club $1,500.00
Rotary Club of Dangriga (District 4250) Rotary Club $200.00
Total Funding: $1,700
Project Results
The Rotary Club of Jasper made a cash donation to the Rotaract Club for the purchase of school supplies such as books, pencils, pens, eraser, and rulers that could be placed in the schools bag and issued to the needy children around Dangriga and Punta Gorda respectively. The Rotary Club of Dangriga, who are sponsors for the Rotaract Club, have been actively involved in the Belize Literacy and Playground Projects and were the recipients of a playground in 2010. Here is the outcome, as described by Indira Williams, co-President of the Dangriga Roteract Club (District 4250), I am pleased to say a heartfelt thank you so much to helping our club with this bag drive venture. It was a huge success, we did it. I am sooo happy and proud and all the kids and their parents came out to support and collect the school bags. We included along with the school bag a dozen exercise book, pencils, erasers and sharpeners for them to use at school. You wouldn't believe the joy we brought to the faces of those children. We had a total of 80 school bags to give out and what we did was that we select 80 kids from the entire Stann Creek District. Our selection was based on kids who were going to Primary School, Ages 4 to 13 years. Some of them traveled from nearby villages to collect the bags and these were kids who had the need for all the stuff we had in the bags along with the bags. It was heart warming, the members of my club were soo happy and proud. We thank you and your Club (Jasper), words cannot express how I/We as a club feel about this reward you have given to us. We helped so many children and they we are so happy to receive these gifts. . Lastly before the bag drive we held a summer school for children within the same age range and it was a success we didn't have a lot of turn out but the kids worked very hard we even had a parents night. All of our members are very thankful, they all were not present for they are happy. We had received a total of $1600.00 BZE from the Rotary Club of Dangriga and we use that to buy all the materials needed for this venture.
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