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Right to Read Rwanda: the educational community as a catalyst for change
Rotary Club of Jasper
Avenue of Service: International Service Area of Focus: Basic Education and Literacy
Country: Rwanda City/Region: Rural communities
Project Description
The focus of the project in 2014-15 was to: • to deliver teacher training workshops to train more than 15 master teachers and 200 teachers, parents and community leaders at three hub schools with 11 feeder schools (total of 14 schools), in order to increase understanding for the importance of education for the future of their children and who will be catalysts for change in their community and schools; • to improve general literacy and the use of English in schools and community, with each teacher participant responsible for implementing the skills learned in their own school; to build a nursery school construction and teacher training for two nursery school teachers at Nkora-Vumbi Nursery School; and • provide resource materials at all schools in order to develop the school classrooms as a dynamic instructional environment by providing resource materials to schools, teachers, and communities. The project took place in three hub communities that drew teachers from fourteen (14) schools in the vicinity of the hub schools, including: • Kinyinya (and three schools and communities); • Nyrirangarama (and five schools and communities); • Kagugu (with three schools and communities); and • Vumbi Nkora with the construction of a nursery school and teacher training for two nursery school teachers. Important partners in this project included: • Rotary Clubs of Jasper and Kigali-Virunga who provide significant financial and volunteer contributions; • Tools for Schools, a registered Canadian charity (http://www.toolsforschools.org), founded by Jill and Neil Fenton who are retired teachers and administrators from Jasper, Alberta, Canada. They have been working in Rwanda for more than 15 years and are charter members of the Rotary Club of Kigali-Virunga; and • Green Hills Academy, a co-educational day school, consisting of a nursery, primary and secondary schools, which share a well-maintained campus close to the center of Kigali. They are an International Baccalaureate school which is multi-cultural and accepts students irrespective of their race, gender, nationality and religion (http://www.greenhillsacademy.rw/).
Project Partners and Funding
Total Project Budget: $67,000.00
Partner Type Amount
Rotary Club of Jasper Rotary Club $9,000.00
District 5370 Rotary District $9,000.00
Rotary Club of Kigali-Virunga Rotary Club $100.00
TRF Humanitarian Grant The Rotary Foundation $28,500.00
Rotary Clubs in India Rotary Club $10,000.00
District 3230 Rotary District $10,000.00
Total Funding: $66,600
Project Results
The direct beneficiaries for the project were 15 master teachers, 205+ teacher participants in the workshops, the 15 schools who sent teachers, as well as community leaders and the parents from the 15 communities. Also the 60 nursery students, 2 nursery teachers and community of Nkora in Vumbi. Improving the quality of education and an enhanced learning environment for more than 22,500 students per day - the numbers are huge! The indirect beneficiaries are the local rural communities who have members with additional training, the parents and their children who see education being enhanced in their communities and schools. The supplies such as furniture and new libraries make major, highly visual, impacts on people and rural communities. The solar lights and panels just make life a lot easier for rural teachers in an environment where the sun sets at 6:00pm every day of the year. Additionally, the project: • aligns well with Rotary International's two areas of focus: basic education and literacy; and economic and community development, as it builds capacity and English language skills of teachers, community leaders and women in impoverished rural communities of Rwanda in a post-genecide environment; • builds on a strong foundation of results, with commitment from host and international partners (Rotary Clubs, Tools for Schools and Green Hills Academy) for at least another three years; responds to needs identified by the Government of Rwanda, benefiting communities, with commitment from them for their active participation into the future; and • contributes to sustainability by meeting community needs, increasing language and knowledge capacity in rural communities that will benefit future generations of Rwandans and ensures community involvement and ownership by involving community teachers, leaders, officials and elders.
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