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Bolivian Clean Water and Sanitation Projects
Rotary Club of Edmonton Urban Spirits
Avenue of Service: International Service Area of Focus: Water and Sanitation
Country: Bolivia, Plurinational State Of City/Region: Los Chacos
Project Description
This project, entitled ´Improving livelihoods through organic agro forestry and access to groundwater in the Bolivian Amazon Basin´ seeks to improve access to water in a small rural community while simultaneously promoting organic agro forestry in already-cleared areas as an alternative model for economic development that can improve living standards in the region while limiting deforestation. The project will consist of several components: 1) A hydrogeochemical study to assess the suitability of local aquifers for irrigation and providing water for human consumption 2) the installation of physical infrastructure related to water wells, small-scale irrigation systems, a tree nursery, and vegetable gardens in the community of Los Chacos 3) A series of educational workshops and participatory exercises in the communities of Los Chacos and nearby San Andrés (beneficiary of a recent community garden project) to provide training in organic agriculture, water management, sanitation, and the use of traditional medicinal plants. 4) The strengthening of community organizations to ensure long-term benefits from the project. Social benefits from the project include improved health, food security, and economic development stemming from diversified agricultural production and better access to water.
Project Partners and Funding
Total Project Budget: $35,200.00
Partner Type Amount
Rotary Club of Edmonton Urban Spirits Rotary Club $5,000.00
Universidad Mayor, Real, y Pontificia de San Francisco de Xavier de Chuquisaca Government $5,000.00
Environment Resource Management Other Charity or NGO $25,200.00
Total Funding: $35,200
Project Results
None yet. The Rotary Club of Urban Spirits has worked with the Bolivia-Canadian Clean Water Network very successful in the past and has high hopes for this project.
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