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Chifia-Amaru Water Project
Rotary Club of Edmonton Glenora
Avenue of Service: International Service Area of Focus: Economic and Community Development
Country: Peru City/Region: Cusco
Project Description
The project consisted of capturing the water from several mountain springs (which supply water at the total rate of 4.5 liters per second) and piping it a minimum of 2.5 km to a reservoir which then supplies the surrounding fields (6 hectares) with irrigation allowing the growth of crops such as corn, wheat, barley, lettuce, onions, carrots, cabbage and other vegetables. The socioeconomic level in this rural community is quite low because these villagers do not have the necessary tools to improve their agriculture. In addition, this area suffers from significant malnutrition so the ability to locally grow such food supplies will improve the nutrition of approximately 120 families and over 400 people, over half of whom are children. The project was started in May 2013 and completed in August. It has been spear-headed by the Rotary Club of Cusco with a total cost of US$20,000. Our Rotary Club of Edmonton Glenora has supplied a total of $6000 Canadian to the project in July 2013. Other supporters for the project have included the Rotary Clubs of Ann Arbor, Michigan and Watsonville, California, some of whom have visited the project. The project includes construction of a water reservoir of stone masonry with a volume of 80 cubic meters, laying a main pipe over 3km and then distribution pipes over 2.5km, construction and installation of 3 boxes for control valves and 16 boxes for hydrants, installation of 16 core modules of irrigation by sprinkler system applicators, and construction and installation of 3 boxes for purge valves. It has been overseen by volunteer engineers from the Cusco Club and by local leaders in Chifia-Amaru.
Project Partners and Funding
Total Project Budget: $6,000.00
Partner Type Amount
Rotary Club of Edmonton Glenora Rotary Club $6,000.00
Cusco, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Watsonville CA Rotary Club $14,000.00
Total Funding: $20,000
Project Results
As of August 2013 100% of the project was completed. Our $6,000 has been received and was used to complete the final stage of the project
Project Photos