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CAMTA (Canadian Association of Medical Teams Abroad) Sign Nail Project
Rotary Club of Edmonton Mayfield
Avenue of Service: International Service Area of Focus: Disease Prevention and Treatment
Country: Ecuador City/Region: Quito
Project Description
Each year we contribute $5000 to the CAMTA medical mission to Ecuador. As a future project, we are investigating the possibility of a companion project to purchase the IM Sign Nail system for use in various locations throughout Ecuador. The system is used in hospitals where orthopaedic surgeons do not have real-time access to radiographs when setting long bone fractures. The IM SIGN Nail system was developed by Dr Lew Zirkles of Richland, WA in response to a need he identified while working in the US Army. The system allows for reduced complications and faster recovery.
Project Partners and Funding
Total Project Budget: $50,000.00
Partner Type Amount
Total Funding: $0
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