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Ecuador Sports Area Project International ServiceEcuador$6,500.00CompletedRotary Club of Spruce Grove 
CAMTA in Equador International ServiceEcuador$4,000.00OngoingRotary Club of St. Albert - Saint City2015-2016
DRUG AWARENESS Youth ServiceCanada$4,000.00OngoingRotary Club of St. Albert - Saint City2015-2016
Annual Highway to Mexico Event International ServiceMexico$10,000.00UnderwayRotary Club of Grande Prairie 
Ukraine Medical International ServiceUkraine$0.00Looking For HelpRotary Club of Edmonton South 
SPOKE Vocational ServiceCanada$5,436.00CompletedRotary Club of Edmonton Urban Spirits 
Camp fYrefly Community ServiceCanada$6,500.00OngoingRotary Club of Edmonton Urban Spirits 
Prince Charles Elementary School Music Program Community ServiceCanada$4,608.00CompletedRotary Club of Edmonton Urban Spirits 
Prince Charles Elementary School Spaghetti Dinners Community ServiceCanada$663.00OngoingRotary Club of Edmonton Urban Spirits 
Mocambaquine School International ServiceMozambique$0.00OngoingRotary Club of Edmonton Gateway 
Malawi "A Cause to Celebrate" Wine Tasting International ServiceMalawi$12,000.00OngoingRotary Club of Wetaskiwin 
East Africa Medical Support Program International ServiceUganda$25,000.00OngoingRotary Club of Edmonton Mayfield 
CAMTA (Canadian Association of Medical Teams Abroad) Sign Nail Project International ServiceEcuador$50,000.00Looking For HelpRotary Club of Edmonton Mayfield 
Chifia-Amaru Water Project International ServicePeru$6,000.00CompletedRotary Club of Edmonton Glenora 
Busano School Educational Supplies Project International ServiceUganda$15,000.00OngoingRotary Club of Edmonton Glenora2012-2013
Very Important Paw Service Dog Project Community ServiceCanada$50,000.00UnderwayRotary Club of Edmonton Urban Spirits 
Wheelchair Provision and Assembly Centre International ServiceDominican Republic$140,000.00UnderwayRotary Club of Edmonton Strathcona 
Agape Orphanage International ServiceMalawi$5,000.00OngoingRotary Club of Edmonton Urban Spirits 
Bolivian Clean Water and Sanitation Projects International ServiceBolivia, Plurinational State Of$35,200.00OngoingRotary Club of Edmonton Urban Spirits 
Ukraine Medical Project International ServiceUkraine$65,000.00Looking For HelpRotary Club of Edmonton Urban Spirits 
Atsikana Pa Ulendo (Girls on the Move) International ServiceMalawi$4,000.00CompletedRotary Club of Edmonton Glenora 
Edzimkula International ServiceSouth Africa$0.00CompletedRotary Club of Edmonton Glenora 
Green-a-thon Citywide Clean up Community ServiceCanada$5,300.00OngoingRotary Club of Grande Prairie 
Rotary Wellness House Project Community ServiceCanada$3,000,000.00UnderwayRotary Club of Grande Prairie 
2015 Winter Special Olympics Community ServiceCanada$150,000.00PlanningRotary Club of Grande Prairie 
India Boreholes International ServiceIndia$3,000.00Looking For HelpRotary Club of Edmonton South 
India Medical Equipment International ServiceIndia$88,000.00Looking For HelpRotary Club of Edmonton South 
Container for Ethiopia International ServiceEthiopia$22,500.00OngoingRotary Club of Grande Prairie Swan City 
Right to Read Rwanda: the educational community as a catalyst for change International ServiceRwanda$67,000.00OngoingRotary Club of Jasper2014-2015
Dangriga Roteract Club Bag Drive International ServiceBelize$2,500.00Looking For HelpRotary Club of Jasper2015-2016
Adopt a School Ocean Academy, Belize International ServiceBelize$62,500.91PlanningRotary Club of Jasper2015-2016
20th Anniversary President History Video project Club ServiceCanada$0.00CompletedRotary Club of Spruce Grove 
Memory Albums project Club ServiceCanada$250.00OngoingRotary Club of Spruce Grove 
Membership Mentoring Club ServiceCanada$0.00OngoingRotary Club of Spruce Grove 
Open House Video project Club ServiceCanada$0.00OngoingRotary Club of Spruce Grove 
Adopt a School Bendicion de Dios, Guatemala International ServiceGuatemala$5,000.00Looking For HelpRotary Club of JasperUndefined
2014 Highway to Mexico International ServiceMexico$31,995.00CompletedRotary Club of Grande Prairie Swan City 
Rainwater Harvesters, BSFilters, & Training Centre International ServiceCambodia$56,670.00OngoingRotary Club of Grande Prairie Swan City 
Summer Youth Camps Vocational ServiceCanada$3,500.00CompletedRotary Club of Edmonton Glenora 
Post-Secondary Bursaries Vocational ServiceCanada$21,500.00OngoingRotary Club of Edmonton Glenora 
Intercultural Child and Family Centre Community ServiceCanada$75,000.00OngoingRotary Club of Edmonton Glenora 
Fostering Changes International ServiceNew Zealand$47,040.75Looking For HelpRotary Club of Drayton Valley 
Seke Technical and Vocational Training Center International ServiceEthiopia$285,000.00CompletedRotary Club of Westlock2014-2015
Didimtu Water Expansion Project International ServiceEthiopia$71,000.00CompletedRotary Club of Westlock 
Dirty Hands International ServiceBelize$25,000.00OngoingInteract Club of Edson 
Edson Rotary Garden Project Community ServiceCanada$1,000,000.00PlanningInteract Club of Edson 
Highway to Mexico International ServiceMexico$5,500.00OngoingInteract Club of Edson 
Dolly Parton Imagination Library (DPIL), N.W.T. Aboriginal ServiceCanada$14,000.00OngoingE-club of District 5370 
Vocational Mentorship and Educational Support Community ServiceCanada$3,000.00OngoingRotary Club of Edmonton Whyte Avenue 
"This Close" International ServiceCanada$0.00OngoingRotary Club of Parkland After Dark 
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